• Mechanical Foam Fire Extinguisher
Product Overview

The Mechanical Foam Fire Extinguisher is an ideal solution for A & B class fire extinguisher that includes paper, wood, clothes, oil, paints, thinner, spirits, plastics and petrol. Besides, we installation and maintenance mechine and machinery foam extinguisher service provider company using premium grade raw material that is in adherence with the international quality regulations.

Product Details

Installation and maintenance mechanical foam fire hydrant extinguisher suitable for A & B class of fire highly advanced mechanical foam fire extinguisher functional way to tackle most types of fire extinguisher are a highly of service provider company a liquid protein-based concentrate involving Paper, Wood, Clothes, Plastics etc. Petrol, Oil, Paints, Thinner, Spirits etc.

Price And Plan
Extinguishing agent Water Cooling
Available capacity in Itrs. 9 50 150
IS Specification 10204 13386 13386
Jet range in mtrs. 6 10 16
Discharge time in sees. 25-90 60-180 60-180