Gate valve Gate Valves
  • Gate Valves
    • 1) OS&Y and NRS resilient Wedge Gate valves
    • 2) Rated for maximum 21 bar (300 PSI) operating pressure
    • 3) Size : 50 to 300 mm (2” to 12”)
    • 4) Installation and Maintenance Gate Valves UL Listed
    • 5) Dangerous Goods Service Provider Company Of Gate Valves

    UL LISTED Gate Valves
  • OS & Y Supervisory Switch
    • 1) The OSYSU is used to monitor the open position of an OS&Y (outside screw and yoke) type gate valves
    • 2) This device is available in two models; the OSYSU-1, containing one set of SPDT (Form C) contacts and the OSYSU-2, containing two sets of SPDT (Form C) contacts
    • 3) These switches mount conveniently to most OS&Y valves ranging in size from 2" to 12" (50mm to 300mm)
    • 4) Make sure the groove in the valve stem is at least as wide as the OSYSU roller or trip rod and is at least 1/2" deep. If not, use a 3/8" round file on the groove
    • 5) Gate Valves Installation and Maintenance UL Listed